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    Better. Health. Everywhere.

    Putting Patient Care First


    We provide worldwide access to physicians with the latest technology in telecommunications. Our platform allows a secure virtual connection between physician to patient or physician-to-physician to deliver a wide range of care remotely.

  • Remote Access to Physicians

    Crew Care

    Our physicians provide exceptional care through real time video streaming regardless of your location. During your consultation, valuable patient data is transferred through our secure server, including x-rays, EKG, acquired images, real time heart and lung sounds, and vital signs that allow for a true patient assessment.

  • Telehealth vs. Telemedicine

    Crew Care

    While telemedicine is specific to remote clinical services, telehealth embodies a broad scope of distant healthcare assistance, including provider training, medical education, health data management and analysis, and clinical services. US Telehealth has a hand in each area to provide a diverse set of services for multiple industries.

  • Crew Care Affiliate

    Crew Care

    Our branch dedicated to the remote and extreme environments, such as offshore and onshore oil exploration, power plants, and remote construction sites, allows access to excellent employee health management in offshore and remote locations. Physicians serve these sites by providing first aid and routine consultations, emergency consultations, and implementing comprehensive health management programs. The results are minimized costs and maximized convenience.

What We Do

  • Remote Locations

    Far-Reaching Care for Your Crew

    We specialize in remote medical management that brings our physicians anywhere. From basic triage and first aid to full-scale wellness programs and emergency consultations, our remote locations services are designed to meet your crew’s medical needs.


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    Total Health Management

    With our virtual telemedicine technology, our physicians diagnose and treat minor injuries or illness quickly. They lessen the spread of disease and treat a variety of diseases on site to minimize lost time on the job.

    Emergency Consultations and Urgent Care

    Our physicians are available around the clock to provide exceptional emergency care. Their services supplement on site EMT or nurse visits, and schedule follow-up appointments when necessary. The result is reduced evacuations and costs.

  • Corrections

    Enhanced Medical Care

    Now your inmate population can have access to exceptional medical care around the clock without leaving the facility. Our remotely located corrections services reduce costs, liability, and other associated risks.


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    Emergency Care and Comfort
    Collective Care

    We work closely with your medical staff to give additional training and support when providing telemedicine. Additionally, we work directly with equipment vendors to ensure that your on-site medical facility has the most cost effective equipment to provide virtual consultations.


    In Touch Portable
    On-Site Diagnosis

    Our physician services diagnose and treat common illnesses to minimize the spread of disease. Inmates are treated on-site, which reduces costly trips to the emergency department and risks associated with patient transportation. After treatment, a detailed electronic medical record is kept secure within our system.

  • Office and Workplace

    Keeping Employees at Work

    Now your office-based clinic can have direct access to our excellent physicians. From treating common conditions on-site to supplementing your clinic’s current staff, our office and workplace services keep employees where they’re needed most.


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    On-Site Treatment

    With virtual access to our physicians, your employees can be treated for common conditions on-site and schedule follow up appointments if needed. We can supplement your current staff and physician or nurse visits to keep your clinic moving.

    Wellness Programs

    A well-structured wellness program is key for a productive workplace. Our services can develop a program to address the needs of your employees. We focus on the most common health issues like diet, exercise and smoking to promote a better working environment.

We design individual programs tailored to your employee population, which are designed to improve employee health, reduce OSHA and LTI recordables, as well as limit costly evacuations.