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US Telehealth services a wide variety of clients. More Info is available upon request.

“I’d like to share with you my experiences with US Telehealth. I work as an enhanced Paramedic where I have limited, (or at best, 3 hour delay) transport to tertiary care. I use US Telehealth on-site where I have direct contact with a physician. This includes audio, high resolution camera, electronic stethoscope, and an otoscope where I can transmit in real time to the physician. Using the available resources here on-site, we can treat and stabilize a patient until air transport is available.
US Telehealth has a definite role in my remote and hostile environment where medical care is expected and needed. US Telehealth has always been available for consult, medical direction, and guidance. I truly recommend their services and have full confidence in what they provide.”

- Mark Jacobs, Medic

“I have been blessed to work with the employees of this company for several years. They are always available and the doctors are great to work with. I resisted the service in the beginning, but after using them I now wonder how I practiced remote medicine with this type service.”

-Stan Hammond remote paramedic





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