US Telehealth provides full psychiatry services, available to you anywhere in the world. We provide psychiatric evaluations, therapy, patient education and more. Telepsychiatry helps keep your employees stable and effective wherever they may be. Through our live audio and video connection to patients, mental health care is delivered most effectively. For patients who prefer not doing a face-to-face on a video hookup, our mental health professionals will simply do audio consultations. We provide rapid triage for different levels of mental health issues from urgent and severe crises (thoughts of suicide; panic attacks; severe PTSD, etc.) to ongoing less urgent but performance-diminishing mental illnesses.  We use psychiatrists, psychiatric PAs, psychologists, and sociologists suited to the type and severity of the mental problem.  The focus is on treating the underlying causes, not on purely medication-based-treatments which may only lead to addiction problems with no long-term relief of the mental problem and in the worst cases to life-ending desperation.  Happy and mentally healthy workers is the foundation of any successful business.