Telehealth for Remote & Offshore

US Telehealth provides Remote Medical Management, and together with its affiliates, we are bringing physicians anywhere. Few places are more remote than rural Alaska, or an oil rig hundreds of miles offshore. We provide services to meet the needs of these environments and more. Whether it’s basic triage and first aid, routine check-ups, or emergency consultations, we provide a wide range of services to meet your crew’s needs.

US Telehealth can bring the following benefits to you and your crew:


  • Minimize lost time
  • Diagnose and treat minor injury or illness quickly
  • Treat a greater variety of diseases on site
  • Minimize spread of disease
  • Maximize convenience for crew


  • Reduce costs associated with evacuations
  • Supplement on-site EMT or nurse visits
  • Schedule follow-up appointments when necessary


  • Promote employee health through education


Far superior to traditional "Medical Control," US Telehealth is bringing the next generation of remote medical care to oil fields everywhere, offering a true continuum of care for your crew.

Our care solutions can treat most basic illnesses and minor emergencies including those that you would normally handle with your family physician. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

• Cold
• Flu
• Allergies and asthma
• Minor Injuries and Illnesses
• Minor Cuts and Abrasions
• Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
• Ear Infections
• Some Immunizations
• Physicals
• Drug and Alcohol Screening
• Wellness Consultations
• Smoking Cessation

US Telehealth can help implement a Wellness Program to address the needs of your crew by focusing on the most common issues, including: diet, exercise, smoking and fatigue.


US Telehealth can customize a solution to improve your crew's care, which can help reduce lost time incidents and recordables, and minimize costly evacuations.