Solutions Overview

US Telehealth can build a customized telemedicine program from the ground up or work within the existing framework of your current system to expand your patient care options.







UST's Subscription-Based Services


Primary Services: UST offers premium physician (primary care and emergency medicine) delivered telemedicine services on a monthly subscription service model to businesses. UST also offers, by election of the client business, specialized physician services at a per encounter price (e.g., cardiology; neurology; neurosurgery and toxicologist, and other specialities), and nurse practitioners (the latter as a more modest subscription price if chosen as the principal subscription medical delivery provider).


Additional Add-on Subscription Services: (1) post-acute care follow up and monitoring; (2) fitness-to-work exams handled jointly with a nurse practitioner examiner via uplink, followed by physician review; and (3) direct-patient wellness counseling.


Business-centric Telemedicine Services: UST premium physician services are suited ideally for any and all of the following business-related medical needs, but without limitation to other types of businesses: (1) self-insured businesses; (2) business operating in remote areas (e.g., offshore, in remote onshore locations; hazardous conditions; (3) businesses needing medical services within a very short (fifteen minutes or less and usually five minutes or less)  time window of delivery initiation (most ERs average a 20 minute initial encounter times by comparison and often much more).


Client Requirement to Subscribe with UST: UST clients must provide a trained paramedic or physician’s assistant to be present with the patient and to operate the UST medical unit through the uplink with the UST physician, specialist or nurse practitioner.


UST Medical Units Required for Client/Paramedic Use: UST physician, specialist and nurse practitioner services are delivered via mobile medical unit cases for which the client pays a deposit at the beginning of a subscription and receives 75% of the deposit back at the end of the subscription if the medical unit(s) are returned in good working order normal meaning all parts are in good working order.  UST will arrange for the replacement of any defective (not broken in which case the client is charged the price of the discrete part for replacement) part(s).   Depending on the number of  employees and contractors being served at the client’s end, one or more UST medical unit cases may be needed (UST will evaluate based on historical usage).


UST, LLC Does Not Handle Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid Payment Modes: Because UST is a premium cash-basis telemedicine model, it does not accept nor process insurance claim s for individuals or companies at this time and offers only a cash-basis subscription model.


UST Versus Most Other Telemedicine Providers: Most other telemedicine companies who offer telemedicine services deliver them not with doctors but with physician assistants.  UST offers a more modest subscription plan that uses nurse practitioners as the medical delivery persons instead of the main model for UST where primary care physicians or ER doctors deliver the first line of care.  


Contact UST for an Estimate and to Discuss Your Company’s Needs: UST executives and our medical director are available to discuss plans and their costs with potential clients who have serious inquiries. For an estimate or a conversation about your company’s customized needs, please call 888.566.0961 or email